Temporary Exhibition


Whalebone, caribou antler, and stone, 1982, Iglulik (Nunavut); Université Laval Objects and Specimens Collections

Inuit Worlds - The Saladin d'Anglure Collection

March 10 2022 to April 9 2023

Anthropologist Bernard Saladin d’Anglure devoted his career to the Inuit* and developing a space-time model of the reproduction of life on three levels: infra-human, human and supra-human. During his many stays in the Canadian Arctic in the 1960s and 1970s, the professor emeritus and former director of the Anthropology Department at Université Laval collected objects, which he donated to the University. This collection is unique in that it serves as a testimonial to a semi-nomadic, subsistence way of life. The exhibition Inuit Worlds presents a selection of objects from this collection as well as Bernard Saladin d’Anglure’s vision of this universe, where human, animal and invisible relations take on a special meaning. 

Inuit Worlds is produced by the Université Laval’s Library.

* The spelling of Inuit follows the rules of Inuktitut in which the word is already in its plural form and means “the people.”

Shaman (angakkuq) and his drum (qilaut)


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