© Château Ramezay - Historic Site and Museum of Montréal, photo : Michel Pinault

Our Mission


Today, having greeted millions of visitors, the Château Ramezay continues its mission of conservation and education. Through its architecture, history and various activities, it has become a major heritage attraction in the very heart of the historic district of Old Montréal. Three centuries after its construction, and despite its storied past, the Château Ramezay is still dynamic and alive, honouring our history while remaining solidly anchored in present-day reality. Thanks to its volunteers, partners and staff, this unique institution continues to develop and maintain its essential role in our society.

The Château Ramezay is a private, non-profit organization. It was the first building proclaimed an historical monument in Québec and is the province’s oldest private history museum. It is accredited by the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications and its partners include the City of Montréal, the Arts Council of Montréal, Heritage Canada, and the Archives nationales du Québec.


Prizes and Distinctions