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Board of directors

The Château Ramezay is a private, non-profit institution that was established in 1862 and incorporated under the name “Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montreal.”

The Board of Directors is made up of fifteen individuals, who are all volunteers and are elected by the Friends of the Château Ramezay. The board has the mandate to ensure the proper functioning of the institution, guided by the principle that the institution serves the public by developing and monitoring internal policies. It helps finance the Château by soliciting donations and sponsorships from the private sector as well as by holding fundraising events. In addition to its relations with various levels of government, it develops links with the outside world in order to keep in touch with community members. It encourages them to support the Château Ramezay and ensures staff for the board and committees. Members have a two-year, renewable term.

On this pictureAndré Delisle, Lorraine Leclerc, Françoise Espie-Bourseau, Francine Lalonde D'Entremont, Solange Côté, Guy Bellefeuille, Denise Guinard, François Gosselin, Triena Hunault, Julie Desjardins, Gail Grant, Jean Brunelle et Me Cameron DesBois, c.r.
Absent : Benoît Pelchat, Matthieu Sauvé, Marguerite Boucher, Pierre Destrempes et Sonia Gagné

Jean Brunelle - Chair
Retired – Mouvement Desjardins

Gail Grant – Vice-Chair

Benoît Pelchat - Secretary
Lawyer – de Grandpré Chait s.e.n.c.r.l.

Marguerite Boucher - Honorary Secretary
Retired – Radio-Canada Television

André Besner
Manager Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development – Hydro-Québec

Reynald Bousquet
Chair – French Guides Association

Solange Côté
ASC – Administrator of Certified Companies

Pierre Destrempes
Consultant - Commercial Real estate

Françoise Espie-Bourseau
Vice-Chair – Association des résidants du Vieux-Montréal

Sonia Gagné
Partner Architect -  Provencher Roy + Associés Architectes Inc.

François Gosselin
Vice-President – Commercial Banking – BMO Bank of Montreal

Denise Guinard
Chair – Association of Ramezay Volunteers

Triena Huneault
Chair – English Guides Association

Francine Lalonde D’Entremont
Professor of Management – National Theatre School of Canada

André Delisle
Executive Director and Curator – Château Ramezay