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Frequently asked questions - rentals 


What type of event can I host at the Château Ramezay?

The Château Ramezay provides an ideal place to host different types of events: weddings, banquets, cocktail parties, private functions, corporate events, launches, etc.  Please note the maximum capacity of each of our venues:  

Cocktail Party
Garden: 70 people
Château: 100 people

50 people, regardless of location

Wedding ceremony
50 people, regardless of location

How do I go about renting space at the Château Ramezay?

Just complete an Estimate Request form, which will help us determine your needs based on the information provided and the availability of the dates requested.

For weddings, click here.

For a private event, click here.


What conditions must be met to use the Château Ramezay?

As the Château Ramezay is an historical landmark, certain rules must be respected to ensure its protection. For reservation policy, click here


Do I need a Reunion Permit to serve alcohol on the premises?

Since 2021, a reunion permit is no longer required for private events with less than 200 people.

You may check out the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux's website for more information.


Does the Château Ramezay have a catering service?

The Château Ramezay does not have a catering service but we would be happy to provide a list of caterers used to working on our premises. They can help organize your event at the Château.


May I bring in my own caterer?

Yes! The Château Ramezay does not have an exclusivity agreement with any particular caterer. If your caterers are not on our reference list, they are required to make a preliminary visit prior to the event.


May I provide the food myself?

It depends on the type of event you are hosting.

From a logistic point of view, the use of professional caterers is strongly recommended for banquets and cocktail receptions.


What are Entamdem fees?

These are royalties which apply only when music is played. Fees depend on the use of the music. For more information, consult their website.


May I rent equipment from the Château Ramezay?

The Château Ramezay offers only occasional furniture. For some events, such as banquets held in the Salle de Nantes, we suggest you discuss the rental of tables, chairs, decorations, etc. with your caterer.

Please note that if you are renting the Governor’s Garden, the garden furniture on the terrace is included.

For included equipment and services, click here.


What exactly do technical fees cover?

As the Château Ramezay is an historical building and the rooms rented display unique objects, some events may require technical or museum staff be present to ensure the security of our collection or to move objects or display cases as needed.


Can attendees visit the museum while an event is in progress?

Yes, it is possible to arrange for guided tours during your event. To learn more, please consult the rentals section of our website.


In case of rain, what happens if an event is to be held in the Governor’s Garden?

The terrace of the Governor’s Garden is equipped with an awning and curtains which may be closed in case of inclement weather.

The terrace is included with the rental of the garden.


Where is the nearest parking?

The underground parking of Complex Chaussegros-de-Léry(330 Champs de Mars, Montréal. Tel. (514) 878-0750) is diagonally across from the Château Ramezay. Fees are applicable.

Contact them for more details.


I need some equipment delivered for my function. How do I go about that?

Equipment can be delivered the same day as the event, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Equipment can be stored away at the end of the event and picked up the next day between 9 a.m. and noon.

While the Château Ramezay does not have a parking area, parking is allowed briefly for deliveries on the east wing of the building, on St. Claude Street. Equipment may be delivered through the gateway giving on to this street.

The Château Ramezay staff must be informed of your delivery schedule at least one week prior to your event.