Local products
Tea, beverages, jellies, jams, maple syrup products, sweets, arrowhead sashes… 

An assortment of different themed books is displayed: history, tourism, terroir (local) cuisine, as well as historical novels and children’s books… you will even find historical comic books! Pages for everyone’s taste.

Amerindian products
Amerindian jewellery, dreamcatchers and incens...

Children’s items
Our selection includes, amongst others, books about woodsmen’s adventures, comic books, magnetic compasses, the essentials for quill pen writing and even tin soldiers.  The children will rejoice!

Gift certificates
Gift certificates are available for the undecided!

And more…
For your convenience, you will find many other touristic and utilitarian items in our boutique such as tissues, ponchos, bottled water, umbrellas and more.

Come visit us… We will be pleased to have you!