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125 Years at the Heart of the Community

Friday, April 9, 2021 marks 125 years to the day that Montréal’s Antiquarian and Numismatic Society, a local community organization, officially inaugurated the Château Ramezay Museum. To highlight this milestone, the Museum invites Montrealers to “Come for a Visit!” and launches its “125 Years at the Heart of Our Community” fundraising campaign.

Much as this key anniversary merits celebration, the pandemic has greatly affected the Château. As this is an accredited museum, where ticket sales generate 40 % of the operating budget and government funding covers only 25 % of its expenditures, so significant losses over the past year have taken a considerable and ongoing toll. Normally, the Château receives over 50,000 visitors annually, its Governor’s Garden, over 400,000. During the pandemic, only 2,000 people have visited.

Make a donation today and help us pursue our conservational and educational mission!

This campaign is to be lauched May 2021. Come back for more details.

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