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The Château Ramezay, hub of Montreal life and development for over 300 years, has been a museum dedicated to conserving and conveying that heritage since 1895. It now beckons all generations of Montrealers and travelers alike to step back in time through a venerable portal to the past.

One of the few vestiges of New France open to the public, the Château invites you to relive history through its various permanent and temporary exhibitions, its multimedia portrayals of historic figures (in six languages) and its replica of a French colonial garden. Its many community-based educational and cultural activities link the life of today to that of the past.

This website gives an overview of our programming, but is no substitute for an onsite visit. The importance of our historic site, the richness of our collections and the expertise of our guides offer an experience unique in Montreal.

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of our landmark property and look forward to meeting you at the Château.

André Delisle, Executive Director and Curator