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Heritage 375 Gala: Beyond our expectations!

Montréal, November 3, 2017 – There was a full house for the Château Ramezay’s annual Gala this year! The magical Le Windsor ballroom contributed to the festive atmosphere as the “Heritage 375” campaign continued. The Château Ramezay and its staff offer their warmest thanks to all the Gala participants for their support and contributions. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we raised a profit of over $30,000. The three-year campaign is proceeding with great success; we are on track to reach our $375,000 target!

Key contributors to the evening’s success

The Gala could not have gone so well without the support and commitment of certain key players. Thank you to Mr. Éric Lachaîne, Executive Vice President, Caisse Network and Member and Client Services for Mouvement Desjardins, who served as the Honorary President of the event. We would also like to thank our master of ceremonies, Mr. Pierre Bruneau, for his warm-hearted hosting of the evening. Finally, we gratefully acknowlege the dedication of the organizing committee, the generousity of our numerous donors, and the dearly appreciated support of our sponsors.

Exceptional sponsors

We would like to thank Desjardins Signature Service, primary sponsor of the event, which supported the Château throughout the event planning and organization process. The SAQ supported the Gala by providing a variety of excellent wines to accompany the dishes served. Thanks to Corsair airline, one lucky guest left with a pair of round-trip tickets from Montréal to Paris. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the draw, Mr. Jacques Baril. The silent auction which ran through the evening was another success. Several guests left with magnificent paintings, tickets to shows and hockey games, and even a trip to James Bay, which were all donated by a diversity of sponsors who all believe in the Château's mission.

And it’s not over yet…

Although the 2017 Gala has passed, our “Heritage 375” campaign is ongoing; you can still contribute through our website. Our campaign coincides with Montréal’s 375th anniversary and we are grateful to have been able to celebrate this special moment in history with you. We hope that you will remember this evening fondly and that we will have the pleasure of your company next year.

Our Mission

The Château Ramezay team works tirelessly to preserve and showcase the historical legacy of the people of Montréal and Quebec. We have created an entire educational program that serves thousands of children each year. The contributions collected through events such as the Gala ensure the continuity of our mission, year after year. We count ourselves fortunate and we truly enjoy the support of so many people who care about preserving and transmitting our shared history and heritage.

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Heritage 375 Gala

Montréal, October 16, 2017 - The Château Ramezay – Historic Site and Museum of Montréal - is pleased to invite you to the 2017 edition of its Annual Gala at Le Windsor, on Thursday, October 26. Our Heritage 375 Campaign coincides with the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal and we would be delighted to celebrate this major historic event with you.


Honoured guests and members of Montréal’s business community will be gathering to support the Château and its mission to preserve our heritage and educate citizens of all ages. We are especially pleased to welcome Mr. Pierre Bruneau, News Anchor at TVA News, who will be acting as Master of Ceremonies, and Guest of Honour, Mr. Richard Bergeron, Member of the Executive Committee of the City of Montréal and City Councillor for the Municipality of Ville Marie. The Honorary Chairman of the Château’s Fundraising Campaign, Mr. Eric Lachaîne, Senior Vice President, Caisse Network and Member and Client Services, Desjardins Group will preside over the evening.



The Gala will begin at 6:30 p.m. with cocktails and some short speeches. Dinner will be served at 7:30 p.m. accompanied by some excellent wines, courtesy of the SAQ. During the evening, guests will be able to participate in a silent auction on a full range of items. They will also have a chance to win a pair of return tickets to Paris, thanks to Corsair airlines. Dancing will close the evening, for everyone’s pleasure!


The Château Ramezay team works tirelessly to preserve and promote the historic heritage of Montréal and the Province of Quebec. We have set up educational programs that are enjoyed by thousands of children each year. Funds collected through an event such as this enable us to continue this important work. It is a definite advantage and a great pleasure to enjoy the support of people interested in preserving and transmitting our common heritage.

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A Montréal Angle to the History of Photography

A lecture by Jean-François Nadeau (in French)

Montréal, September 25The Château Ramezay - Historic Site and Museum of Montréal and Les Editions de l’Homme invites you to meet author and historian Jean-François Nadeau. His lecture examining the history of Montréal through the camera lens will take place on Thursday, September 28th, at 7 p.m. at the Château Ramezay.

History from another angle

What can a history of photography tell us about Montréal? Early photography respected certain rules. Like traditional painting, it reflected the social norms of the era. It also revealed the background and interests of photographers and subjects alike. The author of Montrealers: A Story in Portraits, published last autumn, examines the everyday life of Montrealers, young and old, in different neighbourhoods, from the beginnings of photography until the 1970s. The text is supplemented with supporting photos and lively anecdotes.

Avid historian and photography enthusiast

Jean-Francois Nadeau, historian and political scientist, is Assistant News Director at Le Devoir. You can regularly hear him on ICI Radio-Canada and has published numerous works on historical themes. We are indebted to him for the commentary and photo selection of the exhibition: Montrealers: A Story in Portraits, from his book of the same name.

A book, an exhibition and a lecture

This lecture is part of the exhibition on Le Royer and St. Claude Streets, just behind the gardens of Château Ramezay. Capturing fleeting moments in the lives of Montrealers, the exhibition runs until October 9, 2017. It is presented free of charge by the Château Ramezay in partnership with Les Editions de l’Homme, Le Devoir, the Borough of Ville-Marie and the Société de développement commercial du Vieux-Montréal.

The lecture is free to members of the museum and 5$ to non-members.

This program is part of the OFF 375 campaign, an initiative sponsored by the Montreal History Museums to honour the 375th anniversary of our city

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Métis-sur-Montréal 2017

Traces – First Waterways by William Vazan

Montréal, July 3, 2017Château RamezayMuseum and Historical Site of Montréal and Jardins de Métis present Traces – First Waterways in the ninth edition of Métis-sur-Montréal. Artist William Vazan invites you to follow the path of the First Peoples along lost waterways in an installation presented at Place De La Dauversière from July 3 through October 9, 2017.

Traces – First Waterways, inspired by garden mazes, channels the multiple streams that wound through the island of Montréal before the arrival of Europeans. These rivulets, long since erased from the landscape by urbanization, infrastructure, and drought, are etched into the grass of Place De La Dauversière. The artist hopes to inspire those who experience the piece to ponder, “what the pre-colonial territory looked like when the Amerindians crossed the island of Montréal by river on a web of waterways.” Visitors to this installation at the heart of historic Old Montréal are encouraged to meander these paths that once flowed from the island.

William Vazan is a Canadian artist who has lived and worked in Montréal since 1957. He is internationally renowned for his “land art” practice, and distinguishes himself by working directly onsite, in nature, parks, and public spaces. Vazan is a canonical figure in Quebec’s conceptual art scene; his large-scale projects focus on expressing memories of places and the marks humans have left behind.

Traces – First Waterways is presented for free from July 3 to October 9 at Place De La Dauversière, located between Château Ramezay and Place Jacques-Cartier, in front of Montréal City Hall. Make the most of your visit by also viewing the nearby photo exhibit Montrealers: A Story in Portraits.

Jardins de Métis, also known as the Reford Gardens, is located at the gateway to the Gaspé Peninsula, beside the majestic Saint Lawrence River. It has been classified as a historic monument by the Quebec government. Some 3,000 species and varieties are displayed, in addition to the 25 contemporary gardens of the 18th International Garden Festival. The site is acclaimed for its successful marriage of horticulture and gastronomy. Visit to learn more.

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Montrealers – A Story in Portraits

Montréal, June 28, 2017 – Château Ramezay – Historic Site and Museum of Montréal, in collaboration with Éditions de l’Homme and Le Devoir, present the outdoor exhibition Montrealers – A Story in Portraits, drawn from the book of the same title by Jean-François Nadeau. This exhibition will be held on Le Royer and SaintClaude streets, right behind the Château Garden.

Beyond images

Just a few metres from the clamour of Place Jacques-Cartier, in the heart of the historic quarter, travel back in time. Let the meticulously selected photographs elicit in you the sounds, smells and feelings that they evoke: those of a young Montréal, a multifaceted Montréal that has evolved along with those who inhabit it, who live it, who are inhabited by it. It’s a rendezvous with moments in the history of Montreal, an intimate encounter with its residents of all ages and diverse origins. Multiple histories captured in the streets or in the studio by photographers—known and anonymous—from the early beginnings of photography right through to the mid-1970s.

Historian, political scientist and photography enthusiast, JeanFrançois Nadeau is assistant news editor for the daily paper Le Devoir, after having long been its culture editor. He is a regular on ICI Radio-Canada Première, where people tune in to listen to his history columns. He collaborated on this exhibition as author of the book Montrealers, published in October 2016 by Éditions de l’Homme.

This free outdoor photography exhibition runs until October 9, 2017, on Le Royer and Saint-Claude streets, behind the Château Ramezay Garden. While there, be sure to also explore the outdoor exhibit Traces – First Waterways by artist William Vazan, presented by Château Ramezay and the Reford Gardens, just a few metres away, in Place De La Dauversière.

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